Group Discussion Topics for NIFT MFM and MFTech aspirants

Group discussion is the second phase of the NIFT entrance test. The process of the GD/PI is mentioned in detail in the previous post. Here I am going to list down some topics for group discussion for Master of Fashion Management and Master of Fashion Technology. Topics are given along with 3-4 paragraphs of the case. So you have enough information to organise your thoughts and form opinions. The topics given below may be common for both MFM and MFT.

Master of Fashion Technology:

1) The scope of wearable smart gadgets in future.

2) Retailing artisans (weavers) with e-tailing sites. Will it help or not?

3) E- commerce - good or bad for apparel and handicraft industry in India?

4) Importance of eco- friendly products and techniques. New Zealand has developed a fabric from rice wastage. Should that be adopted by other countries too ( including India)?

5) Is cloud computing important in today's industries? If yes then how does in help in reducing time and money?

6) Virtual stores - Will it take the society a step forward?

7) 3D printing - Will it be a boom in coming generation?

8) Should regenerated fibres be promoted in India? Will it harm the environment?

Master of Fashion Management

1) Do fairness products have the capability of tapping the Indian male market?

2) Average size models should be encouraged in promoting apparel or not?

3) Should Rayon be used over Cotton as an industrial fabric?

4) E-commerce vs Brick and mortar stores

5) Is discount the only lure for customers?

I will keep adding the latest topics as I come across and we shall start the discussion on each topic one by one. Until then keep visiting and good luck.

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