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Broken Needles in Readymade Garment Industry
Sewing machines play the most important role in the production of a finished garment. Assembling of cut parts by seaming and other operations such as button attachment, button, zipper attachment etc employ sewing machines. Needle breakage is the most frequent disruption in the process of garment making. Needles can break due to a number of reasons; some of them are listed below:

1) The wrong needle for a specific type of fabric.
2) Tension mismatch.
3) Poor quality needles.
4) Needles with damaged points.
5) Improper setting of feed dog and presser foot.

The small parts of the needle can get trapped in the garment, can go unnoticed during the whole process and may even reach the end customer causing accidents. 

Broken Needles Regulation
There are a number of regulations to prevent such mishaps. There are two main requirements: -
a) Maintain a properly broken needle parts register.
b) Inspect garments in metal detecting machine.

Company Policy for Broken Needles
As per ISO regulations, all ready-made garment companies need to have their broken needles policy.
Download Sample Broken Needle Policy

Broken Needles Parts Register
Here is a sample format of the register. Download Sample Format

Needle Detecting Machine
These Machines can be installed for detecting the needle or the broken parts of the needle in the garments. It detects with the help of electromagnetic sensors and ensures needle-free shipping of garments.
These machines can be of various types:

1) Conveyor type
2) Table top type
3) Handy type
4) Hanger type
Any of the above-mentioned types can be semi or fully computerized.
Coveyor Type Needle Detector, image on Learning Fashion taken from
Conveyor type needle detector; Image courtesy:

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