Test 6 - Important Fashion GA for NIFT entrance test (Written and GD/PI)

1. India's first underwater restaurant opened in which city?

2. Kidswear brand Kidology ties up with which e-commerce retailer?

3. Brocade fabrics are now largely woven on?

4. Masaba Gupta, the Indian fashion designer, is the daughter of which famous cricketer?

5. First collection of Masaba Gupta was called?

6. Sambalpuri Saree is traditional saree produced in which state?

7. Khadi was an integral part of which movement in Indian freedom struggle?

8. Which designer infamously called his trousers as "bumsters"?

9. Neelam Kothari, a famous Bollywood actor, is also a/an?

10. Which of the following is not a type of dress?

11. Farah Khan Ali, the jewellery designer, is which bollywood actor's sister?

12. Where is the headquarter of jewelry and luxury goods brand Bulgari?

13. Waris Derie, a famous model and social activist was born in which country?

14. Which famous model is the author of the book "The Desert Flower"?

15. The jewellery collection Mia was launched by?

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