Test 8 - Important Fashion GA for NIFT entrance test (Written and GD/PI)

1. Operation Flood, an Indian development program is associated with?

2. Which city in India is called "Leather City of World" with more than 10,000 tanneries?

3. Which fiber is a substitute for natural wool?

4. Lycra is a tradename for which synthetic fiber?

5. Nine- yard saree worn by women in Goa is called?

6. Anju Modi, Maxima Basu won Filmfare Award 2016 for best costume design for which film?

7. Sabyasachi Mukherjee was awarded National Award for Best Costume Design 2005 for which movie?

8. Which Designer created the collection Ahimsa Resama for New York Fashion Week?

9. Which fabric will be branded as Harit Vastra to pitch the fabric in market as organic and green fabric?

10. What is the tagline of the brand Louise Phillipe?

11. Matka silk is a rough handloom silk fabric made from which type of silk?

12. Which natural fiber is generally used to stuff pillows?

13. In garment industry "Hand" of the fabric means?

14. Mercerising is a process of?

15. Which of the following is not a sewing machine brand?

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