Compliance: Fire Alarm System in a Garment Factory

In previous posts, we have seen the importance of fire safety in a garment factory. Fire safety does not compose of a single equipment or a single person. It is the whole system of various equipment, personnel, training and management.

In this post, we are going to have a look at the list of hardware components necessary for the installation of fire alarm system. The below list is applicable for a floor area of approximately 5000 meter square. (Features may vary; price : market approximation)

As the name suggests it is the control unit for the whole fire alarm system.
Fire Alarm Control Panel
Fire Alarm Control Panel

  1. Features : 2 zone conventional Fire Alarm control panel, complies to IS:2189:1999 and tested by ERTL,2X16 character backlit LCD display, Lamp test feature, Complete with integral power supply and battery charger for sealed lead acid battery, NO/NC contacts for both fire and fault, LCD and LED Indication.
  2. Price : ~ 15000 INR
  3. Required number : 01
Smoke detectors sense the smoke and alert us for the possible fire.
Smoke Detector
Smoke Detector

  1. Features : conventional photoelectric smoke detector, Low current draw, Programmable sensitivity, Addressable features, Advanced maintenance features via remote hand-held test unit
  2. Price : ~ 1600 INR
  3. Required number : 22
These are used to raise alarm manually by breaking the glass of the alarm and pushing the switch in case of fire detection.
Manual Call Point
Manual Call Point

  1. Features :  Break glass type, Compatible with any make fire alarm panel, manual call point as per IS:2189 Approved from maximum govt sectors.
  2. Price : ~750 INR
  3. Required number : 18
Fire Alarm Hooter
Fire Alarm Hooter

  1. Features : combined sounder and beacon provide an audio-visual warning which is suitable for place which requires high sound output and visual indication, 24 Volt DC operation
  2. Price : ~1200 INR
  3. Required number : 8
Fire Siren
Fire Siren

  1. Features: 0.5 KM alert area
  2. Price : ~ 5200 INR
  3. Required number : 2
Wire; P.C.:

  1. Features :1.5 sq mm (isi) FRLS cable with PVC conduit and all accessories (per meter)
  2. Price : ~ 70 INR per meter
  3. Required number : 800 meter

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