GD Topic : Khadi as Fashion Fabric

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1) Khadi is handspun and hand-woven and hence has limited aesthetic appeal
2) Limited types of fibers can be used - cotton, silk, wool
3) Technologically way behind than latest fashion fabrics like Liva
4) Deep-rooted sentiments such as nationalism and freedom are associated with khadi and such people might be reluctant to accept bold designs and patterns prevalent in latest fashion trends.
5) Khadi mostly demonstrates patriotism and is usually adopted by politicians and intellectuals.
6) Limited techniques of dyeing and printing can be implemented.
7) Portrays modesty.
8) Considered to be a rustic fabric, not projecting modernism and luxury.
9) Production is hampered by the unorganised nature of the khadi industry.
10) Khadi production seems to be totally in control of the government.
11) There is debate among designers regarding the versatility of the fabric.
12) Khadi look does not work with the young generation.
13) There is nothing special in khadi other than the sentiments like swaraj, freedom, self-reliance and patriotism.

Khadi Fashion
Khadi Fashion; Image Courtesy:


1) Comfortable fabric- stays cool in summer and warm in winter; comfort is one of the key ingredients of fashion.
2) Processing techniques of khadi have improved thereby facilitating the introduction of new varieties of khadi in the market.
3) The fashion industry has adopted khadi as fashion fabric; designers are venturing into producing more innovative designs.
4) Ace Indian designers like Ritu Kumar, Rohit Bal, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Devika Bhojwani, Neeru Kumar have come up with khadi collections giving it a new chic look.
5) Qualities such as being skin friendly, environment-friendly, green fabric, breathable makes it an attractive option for designers.
6) Khadi is catching the attention of youngsters.
7) Versatile fabric- can be experimented with new drapes and cuts, embroidery, embellishments etc
8) Celebs like Amitabh Bachchan and Narendra Modi being associated with khadi makes it a rage in Indian fashion.
9) Foreign fashion platforms consider khadi to be exotic fabric.


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