Test 11 - Important Fashion GA for NIFT entrance test (Written and GD/PI)

1. Furniture startup FabFurnish has been recently acquired by which conglomerate?

2. Snapdeal has launched a donation program which enables the users to donate products to NGOs is called?

3. Which state has recently implemented total liquor ban?

4. A Revenue Stamp is an autobiography of which author?

5. World Health Day is celebrated on which date?

6. Diesel in an Italian brand founded by?

7. L'Oreal is headquartered in which country?

8. HarDinFashionKaro is the tagline of which fashion portal?

9. Which of the following natural fibers is fire resistant?

10. Monte Carlo Fashions Limited is owned by which company?

11. Yem is a traditional undergarment bodice worn in which country?

12. Koovs.com is collaborating with which designer for its menswear line?

13. Which of the following is not a thread packaging?

14. Hugo Boss is headquartered in which country?

15. Which of the following is not a subsidiary of Adidas?

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