Tips for Overcoming Nervousness during NIFT GD/PI

Group discussions and personal interviews bring a lot more anxiety in candidates than any written test. Getting nervous in GD/PI is quite normal and common.
Fear of the unknown is always a bit daunting. Hence, I have made some effort to make the GD/PI process familiar for the candidates. You can visit this post to know the procedure in detail. 

Here are some additional tips on how to overcome nervousness during GD/PI.

1) The best way to overcome nervousness is to interact with your groupmates when your group is made. Roam around, sip coffee together, have a little chit-chat among yourself and get comfortable. You will make some life long friends there :)
2) Write down your points on the paper provided to you.
3) Try to open up the discussion by introducing the case. This will help you buy time to calm yourself down.
4) Even if you don't have your own point you can participate by agreeing with someone else's point.
5) The judging panel is very fair and everybody is given a chance to speak up. So you have a chance for a big chunk of cake even if you have entered late.
6) And most important, remember that everybody is on the same plane as you are.
7) Worrying about being nervous will make you even more nervous, so chill.
8) You might feel that you are sounding nervous but very few people will notice or judge you for that.
9) Being prepared for the event is always a major source of confidence.
10) Trust your instincts. You'll do good. 

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