GD Topic: 3D Printing- Boom in coming generation

  1. Limited designs available on thingiverse. Will have to learn 3 d software to make our own product
  2. 3D printers are expensive for common people
  3. Printing can be somewhat complicated for nontechnical person
  4. Very limited range of printable material available
  5. Cannot be implemented in all the industries
  6. Feasible daily-wear garments cannot be 3-D printed
  7. Not all file extensions are readable by the printer software
  8. For some 3D printers, storage card formatting needs to be specific like fat32
  9. Printing takes lot of time
  10. Printing can't be paused and resumed
  11. Can take number of attempts to get the correct product printed
  1. Consumers can be creators
  2. Low material cost
  3. Low production cost 
  4. Fast processing
  5. 90% less material usage as compared to subtractive manufacturing
  6. Less wastage as it is an additive manufacturing
  7. Production site close to consumption site
  8. Shipment cost eliminated
  9. Requirement of economies of scale eliminated
  10. No expertise required
  11. Products are easy to customize
  12. Reduces the need of assembling small parts
  13. Complex designs can be printed
  14. Digital designs are used
  15. Easy design replication
  16. Very low investment cost for startups
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