Project Topics for Garment Internship

This is the time when students are looking for project topics for their internship programmes. I am posting few topics which can be tailored according to the industry you are working in. Different concepts can be applied in different departments as per the requirements of the organisation.. 

  1. Risk Management in Merchandising - (Use of tools like Ishikawa and FMEA)
  2. Process Re-engineering in Cutting Room
  3. Implementation of 5 S 
  4. 3D Printing of Dies for Die- Cutting Machine in Garment Industry
  5. Streamlining the Warehouse Activities
  6. Implementation of Pinning Table for Checks and Stripes matching for Formal Shirts
  7. Planning the Strategic Location of Obtaining  Tools and Aids in Sampling room/ Cutting Room
  8. Development of Incentive Scheme for the Operators
  9. Fashion Forecasting 
  10. Business Process Re-engineering
  11. Supervisor Training  for Improved Sewing Lines Efficiency
  12. Competition Mapping
  13. Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning
  14. Work Station Designing
  15. Work-In-Progress Optimisation
  16. Effective CRM System in Marketing Department
  17. Time Study and process Optimisation
  18. Value Stream Mapping
  19. Implementation of 3D Printing Department for Tools for Fast Fashion Styles
  20. Implementation of Total Productive Maintenance
  21. Effective Communication System at Work
  22. Order Tracking System
  23. Reduction of 7 Wastes through Lean Tools
  24. Single Minutes Exchange of Die for Fast Fashion
  25. Development of Skill Matrix Chart 
  26. Implementation of Visual Control Tools in Garment Industry
  27. Range Development based on Demography
  28. Designing the Material Handling System
  29. Virtual Prototyping in Merchandising Department
  30. Merchandise Mix Planning
  31. Implementation of Kanban System
  32. Error Proofing (Poka Yoke) in Various Departments
  33. Reduction of Defects Per Hundred Unit
  34. Study of Intellectual Properties in a Garment Facility
  35. Energy Management System and Optimum Utilization of Resources
  36. Implementation of E-Formats
  37. Redoes and Reworks study and how to reduce them 
  38. Redisigning the Quality Assurance System
  39. Vendor Analysis and Complaint Tracking
  40. Spotting out the Bottleneck in a Process and measures to smoothen out the Process Flow
  41. Preparing a Training Manual/Program for New Operators
  42. Implementing an Effective Quality Feedback System
  43. Inventory Control and Replenishment System
  44. Analysis of Late Shipment(Cause, Effect and Solution)
  45. Reducing Lead Time in Merchandising Department (Rejection analysis)
  46. Product Development
  47. Reducing Shade Variation
  48. Time Allowance Study
  49. Statistical Process Control in Stitching Department
  50. Implementation of Modular Production System

Feel free to ask for the briefing on required topic.

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  1. please explain more about below topic-

    Analysis of Late Shipment(Cause, Effect and Solution)


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