Test 12: General Awareness

1. Which former cricketer has been appointed as new NIFT chief?

2. Who is the current Union Textiles Minister?

3. The exhibition by National Center for Textile Design showcasing fabrics developed by 25 Weavers' Service Centers

4. Which company has created "A compiler for 3D Machine Knitting"

5. American company Dyemurex has recently launched color changing t-shirts for kids under which name?

6. Nike has partnered which 3D Printer manufacturing company for its 3D printed shoes?

7. Who is the title sponsor of 23rd Japan Fashion Week, Tokyo?

8. Pantaloons has recently signed exclusive deal with which international brand?

9. Which French brand ventured forayed into India with a tie up with Epic Brands?

10. Flik Flak brand is owned by which company?

image source: designdiary.nic.in

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