GD Topic: Is Discount the only Lure for Customers?

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  1. Customers are getting more cost conscious
  2. Recession has changed the spending habits 
  3. Those habits tend to persist even though the economy has recovered
  4. Discounts are essential for clearing stocks in order to keep up with fast fashion
  5. Discounts on quality products can buy customer loyalty
  6. These days retailers give discounts to stay ahead of their competitors
  7. Discounts enhance customer experience if the product is as per the expectations

  1. Discounts are usually given on clearance items which are below customer expectations
  2. Discounts seeking customers are not loyal as they browse multiple brands to get the best deal
  3. Customers are willing to pay more for latest fashion, better quality and brand value
  4. For many customers discounts signify compromise
  5. Seasonal discounts make customers rather dissatisfied


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