GD Topic: Technology is killing the craft clusters


Recent advancement in technology has become a boon for some while bane for others. Some feel that technology benefits and helps revive art and craft by taking it to a different level. Whereas Others feel that the originality and uniqueness of craft sector are being compromised by the use of technology and the artisans are losing their importance and jobs. The fact is that technology has done both good and harm to the artisans. The art seems to be fading away with advanced machines pouring in from China and other countries. On the other hand, Government is promoting the integration of technology with the handloom and craft sector.
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Therefore, It is a matter of debate.  Let's see some points in favour of the topic and some against it.


  1. To adjust to the latest trend of fast fashion and quick response manufacturers resort to hi-tech machinery. 
  2. Low-cost products with consistent quality can be produced by machines.
  3. It is easier for machines to replicate the techniques used in craft in less time. 
  4. Manufacturers find it convenient to depend upon technology rather than craft artisans due to the elimination of human factor.
  5. Buyers demand features which can only be achieved using technology e.g. laser etching in jeans.


  1. Technology helps artisans in method improvement using modern and improved tools.
  2. Their art and skills are showcased in a broader spectrum by giving them a suitable platform with the help of information technology. 
  3. With the availability of modern teaching tools, even the remotely located artisans can be trained better.
  4. Government schemes like Ambedkar Hastashilp Vikas Yojana (AHVY) for the development of craft clusters are greatly involving technology for more effective implementation. 
  5. Technology helps the artisans achieve better quality at low cost without compromising with the uniqueness. 
  6. Handmade items are considered to be proud possessions by the customers who appreciate heritage and culture. Hence machines cannot replace original craft.


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