Clearing the written test of the NIFT entrance exam brings the applicants (MFM AND MFTech) to the next challenge of GD/PI. It is not a surprise that 30% of the total weight of the marks is allocated to GD/PI performance.

Scheduled in the month of May every year, it is usually conducted in Delhi in an institute other than NIFT. In the year 2015 GD/PI was conducted at the below address:

Indian Social Institute, 10, Institutional Area, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110 003.

This second phase spans over 2 weeks and approximately 150 candidates are called each day. Candidates are through with both the group discussion and the personal interview in a single day.

The procedure of GD and PI in NIFT entrance

1) Students assemble in the hall and divide themselves according to the course they have opted for. Not to worry if you have opted for more than one course. It will be taken care of.

2) The facilitator introduces and gives an overview of the whole procedure.

3) 15-20 candidates per group are called out of group discussion and are made to sit in the front (in the proximity of the facilitator)

4) The groups and their members are allotted a number.

5) The registration process of each candidate takes place. You are required to carry the GD/PI call letter and an ID proof.

6) When the turn comes the group is asked to proceed to the specified group discussion room. There are 2-3 discussions rooms to speed up the process.

7) GD panel consists of 5-6 experienced members. The candidates are made to sit in chairs arranged in a semi- circle.

8) The topic and the case is handed out to each of the members and 5 minutes time is provided to read the case and organise the thoughts. You can prepare more for GD Topics for NIFT entrance exam

9) The discussion starts in an orderly manner and is allowed to go on in a natural flow. In the last 5 minutes of the GD each of the members is asked to sum the discussion up so as to give everyone a chance to speak.

10) After GD, the candidates are asked to proceed to PI room and are called inside one by one.

11) The panel for PI consists of 2-3 members and questions are such as to judge the candidate’s aptitude for fashion, past experience, career orientation and general awareness. PI goes on for approx 10 minutes. (Read future post for PI questions)

12) With the end of the personal interview, the second phase comes to an end. The final result and call for the counselling come within 10 days of the last day of GD/PI.

I wish all the best to all applicants for the coming year. Keep reading for more information. Please share your comments.