GD Topics for NIFT exams - Part 3

Prepare for group discussion - III

GD Topics for NIFT exams - Part 3

If you have applied for a PG program in NIFT and are preparing for GD/PI of NIFT then these example topics might help in preparing for the NIFT exam

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Here are some topics that can help you prepare for NIFT Masters in Fashion Design group discussion.

1) Will extra small garment affect the coming generation?

2) Do skinny models project a healthy body image?

3) How can India emerge as a fashion leader rather than fashion follower?

4) Fashion is losing its morality. Do you agree or disagree?

5) Big brands banning leather. Will fashion Industry survive without leather?

6) Khadi and Jute fashion. Can they bring India on the global platform?

7) Movie celebs turning into designers. Will it devaluate the professional designers?

8) Do big brands guarantee quality and latest fashion?

9) Are we turning into fashion slaves?

10) Is fashion industry has too mellow of an approach towards senior fashion?

11) Is online marketing beneficial for handloom industry?

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