Personal Interview Questions for NIFT exam

Prepare for Personal Interview

Personal Interview Questions for NIFT exam

If you have applied for a PG program in NIFT and are preparing for GD/PI of NIFT then these example PI questions might help in preparing for the NIFT exam

NIFT group discussion is followed by the personal interview on the same day as GD. PI process generally takes 5-15 minutes per person and the panel consists of 2-3 members.

The questions are asked from various fields viz educational background, past experience, fashion aptitude, general awareness, career orientation.

You are not allowed to take any paper (even the biodata or portfolio) inside the PI room. It is rather a comfortable environment inside so there is no need to panic.

Some of the questions similar to those asked in the NIFT PI (Personal Interview) are.

1) Tell your educational background.
2) Why did you decide to switch from (your field) to fashion?
3) How are you going to align your previous education with fashion industry?
4) How pursuing Master from NIFT will boost your career?
5) What will you choose if you are selected for both MFM and MFTech(in case you have appeared for both the exams)? Why?
6) What line of career would you choose after the completion of the course?
7) Tell about your past experience.
8) Technical questions from the previous job. 9) What is one speciality regarding textiles in your native State?
10) What measures can be taken to improve the scenario of Indian Apparel Industry?
11) Some other basic questions.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and I hope to see your comments if you have more questions similar to those above.

All the best to all the aspirants.

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