news · newsletter – Fashionflyer on 12th November 2020

Phillip Bodenham's Views On The Future Of Fashion

Fashion Literacy newsletter of 12th November brings stories of Phillip Bodenham's views on the future of fashion, Universal Standard's contribution to women's inclusion and Chanel's logic of sticking to offline stores. Read More ›

news · newsletter – Fashionflyer on 11th November 2020

IDFW Becomes Inclusive And Diverse For A Massive Audience

Fashion Literacy newsletter of 11th November brings stories of the importance of both Physical and Digital shows when IDFW receives wider acceptance. Read to know about What it takes to be a stylist? Read More ›

news · newsletter – Fashionflyer on 10th November 2020

Grazia Has Masaba Gupta As Its New Cover Girl

Fashion Literacy newsletter of 10th November brings stories on Purple Dot, Masaba Gupta, Tunisia Designers, and Supreme Read More ›

resources · tutorials · english – English Tutorial on A/An and The

Learn English Grammar Online Free: A/An and The In English

Learn English grammar online free; how to correctly use articles A/An and The in English. Read More ›

news · newsletter – Fashionflyer on 09th November 2020

Supernova, a brand of Federico, will become the new fashion statement in 2021

Fashion Literacy newsletter of 09th November brings stories on why Supernova is set to become new fashion statement of 2021, while tech and sustainbility are merging in Amsterdam. Read More ›