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FashionLiteracy On Black Lives Matter, positives of COVID-19, and Vulnerable Workers

Follow the leaders of the fashion industry to support Black Lives Matter movement. The support is growing all over the world to bring equality and solidarity with the help of this movement and fashion brands. Know about positives of pandemic and empathetic moves of fashion brands to support vulnerable workers.

The Black Lives Matter Movement gets more support

Do you know what leaders in the fashion industry have done to show their support and solidarity to one of the most widespread movements in the world; Black Lives Matter?

Lindsay Peoples Wagner of Vogue and public relations powerhouse Sandrine Charles have joined hands and formed The Black In Fashion Council with the objective of increasing the number of black employees in both senior and junior level positions across the industry.

Black Lives Matter Movement

There are around 70 brands that have pledged their support to the Black In Fashion Council, which is going to work towards establishing an equality index score.

Check out the list of those brands in the article The Black In Fashion Council signs over 70 brands in less than 3 months by Laura Galvan.

The Positive Side of COVID-19 For The Fashion Industry

The fashion industry has responded with new ideas and innovative ways of continuing with their lives and businesses during the current pandemic situation and brought some changes.

  • Reduction in environmental footprint Increased use of technology and
  • interaction between brands and customers second hand, stay-at-home orders,
  • and the home-try-on programs

Positives of COVID-19 In Fashion

Find out how Fashioninnovation is becoming the new platform to bring these positive changes concerning sustainability, equality, one love, innovation, and second-hand shopping in article by Pandora Amoratis for Daily Mail; Even in darkness, there is light! Positive changes in the fashion industry brought on by the pandemic, including sustainability and innovation

Most Brands Support The Workers In The Fashion Industry

The Workers were most affected after the cancellation of work in progress orders by most of the brands just after March this year after the announcements of worldwide lockdowns.

Support Workers in Fashion Industry

In the recent release of Baptist World Aid’s annual Ethical Fashion Report, the readers and the fashion industry leaders can find some good news that over 76 percent of the surveyed companies ( that represent approx 430 brands ) have demonstrated positive actions towards supporting the livelihoods of the garment industry workers.

Have a look at the article Fashion Industry’s COVID Crisis Hits Vulnerable Workers Hardest by Rebecca Abbott.

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