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IDFW Becomes Inclusive And Diverse For A Massive Audience

International Digital Fashion Week gets close to a billion impressions and gets acceptance from changing audiences. Fashion runways are here to stay and to be a stylist storytelling is an important skill to learn and acquire.

IDFW becomes inclusive and diverse for a massive audience

IDFW (International Digital Fashion Week) is the only TV network to create a digitally broadcasted global Fashion Week. IDFW is accessible on every platform such as Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Android devices, and iOS devices.

IDFW becomes inclusive and diverse for a massive audience

During a major time of need, IDFW drew more than 77 million impressions and when fashion weeks are getting canceled all over the world, FNL Network’s solution has allowed designers from all over the world to keep the tradition alive. Designers from all over the world can showcase their collections to a bigger and diverse audience.

IDFW Fall Winter 2021-22 is also bringing a brand-new component that invites aspiring designers and students to be showcased and participate in an IDFW Competition. These designer collections will be assessed by a panel of judges that comprise of presidents of other fashion weeks, celebrities, journalists, and other prominent people in the fashion industry.

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Runways combined with Digital shows have received positive feedbacks

The most recent Paris Fashion Week showed that runway shows are not obsolete. Brands that staged hybrid events fared better globally than those opting for strictly online presence.

Runways are there to stay

According to DMR Group, Paris Fashion Week generated highest value of the four spring 2021 Fashion Weeks. Pandemic for sure has is going to remain with us for the foreseeable future, and the designers are able to find safer and more creative ways to reach their intended audience.

Along with new formats, there are some best practices such as video should last at least five minutes and influencer can participate without being present.

There are more insights for brands to enhance their visibility on the web, and also dominate social media in Paris Fashion Week Confirms the Power of the Runway Show

To be a Stylist you have to be a storyteller

Fashion is an extension of who we are. The clothing that we wear communicates our expressions to the outside world - what we feel, value, and believe.

The author expresses her opinion that clothes help in expressing our political and social stands. Jessica Alba, Amy Schumer, and other A-list celebrities were seen sporting apparel in support of Black lives and voting rights.

Stylists have to be storytellers

In 2020, if you are not leading with the messages about social justice, you’re seen as deaf and canceled. Brands too were seen tacking their publicly known radical blindspots.

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