Fashionflyer on 03rd November 2020

UBQ Partners With Mainetti, Rakuten Launches Luxury website, Indian Beauty In News

A new partnership in support of sustainability, a luxury website, and a rising Indian beauty with support of multiculturism together point towards positive and optmistic future of fashion industry.

UBQ Materials joins hands with Mainetti

An Israeli firm UBQ Materials has partnered with Mainetti to jointly work towards the innovative and sustainable future of the fashion industry.

UBQ Materials has a patented process to create fully recycle thermoplastic substitutes from various landfill-destined household waste.

They have also applied for Cradle-to-Cradle certification, which is a globally recognized measure of safer, and more sustainable products made for the Circular economy.

This exclusive collaboration between UBQ Materials and retail solution provider Mainetti is sure to bring some positive outcomes for the fashion industry.

Have a look at the article Israel’s UBQ Partners With Mainetti To Boost Sustainability In Fashion by Simona Shemer.

The Rakuten Fashion Week SS 2021

Rakuten, Japan’s leading e-commerce company, is making news in Tokyo and in the world. They have brought a new specialty website for luxury brands and designer goods; Rakuten Fashion Luxury.

Rakuten plans to showcase Japanese fashion labels to a broader global audience by leveraging their “by R” project.

The whole world is looking at these new initiatives as examples of optimism and opportunity. Read more on this at Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO Spotlights 2021 Collections, New Initiatives

The Fame Of A Melburnian Indian Exotic Beauty

A Chennai born model, Sangeeta Singh, has been in the news for quite some time now for her classical exotic appearance and style.

Sangeeta gives credit to multiculturism in Australia. She has represented Australia in many other countries and has been doing both beauty pageants and runways.

Read more about this amazing personality and model at A Melburnian Indian model’s exotic dance with fame

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