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Amanda Hearst Shares About Her WFH Looks

The co-founder of Maison de Mode shares her experience of working from home. Gucci has more to say about their film festival format. Other brands follow the same format to showcase their collections. TikTok stays as the a popular platform for Gen Z.

Amanda Hearst Shares About Her WFH Looks

Maison de Mode is an ethical luxury fashion online retailer. The platform currently carries 74 sustainable brands from all around the world. Pieces are often made by small businesses and/or BIPOC artisans. “We grow as they grow,” says Hearst, a curator and the co-founder for Maison de Mode.

Outside of her role as curator, Hearst has her hands deep in the nonprofit world. She runs well beings with co-founder Breanna Schultz, a movement combining animal welfare and environmental protection.

She says that in order to do work she can’t wear her pajamas because then she is not in the right frame of mind. She also does Instagram Lives for Maison de Mode and also for a nonprofit in animal welfare and conservation.

Hearst believes in what Jane Goddall said once: Everything is connected, everyone can make a difference. Read more in The Cofounder of Maison de Mode Shares Her Go-To WFH Looks

Luxury Brands Succeed In Growing Audience On TikTok

Fashion and lifestyle creator Brittany Xavier has 3 million followers on the TikTok app compared to 1.6 million on Instagram. She is one of the earliest adopters of TikTok.

Luxury brands have to be attuned to trends if they want to succeed on TikTok and similar short video formats platforms. The younger generation dominates Tiktok and might not be an immediate driver of sales. According to one brand officer - They are still approaching [TikTok and Instagram] as a way to increase their brand awareness.

The short-form video has helped a surge in styling videos or “how-to’s from some content creators. Xavier said that the rise of the short-form video came at just the right time with both TikTok and its new competitor, Instagram’s short-form video feature. She only sees short form growing.

Xavier says that the Gen Z audience is just going more for short-form videos in general. Read more in Luxury fashion is surging on TikTok, but turning Gen-Z viewers into customers is a complicated task for brands

Gucci Is Not The Only Fashion House To Collaborate with the Film Makers

Gucci’s new virtual film festival has come up with the seven-part mini-series. The film series takes the audience into the life of a woman, who with her Gucci tribe moves through a rarified Roman landscape, from her shabby chic apartment to a theater, cafe, and vintage shop. Silvia is joined by Gucci models, all wearing the looks that will be in stores starting next spring.

According to Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele, the pandemic created a speedier reaction to the need to follow a new narrative and new communication.

Luxury brands like Gucci are no more out of reach and have been “freed from their traps”, as put forward by Michele.

American director Van Sant mentioned that as cinema starts to get sucked into the computer screen, the combination of cinema with exposing fashion ideas has a lot of potential.

Gucci is not the first fashion house to team up and collaborate with a filmmaker to bring out fashion shows in a new format.

Read more in Designer labels challenge the fashion cycle with film collaborations

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