Fashionflyer on 05th November 2020

Chinese Consumers Like Luxury Brands, Neal Heard Now at Meyba, and Streetwear is expressive

Streetwear finds expressions in Sportswear and is gaining popularity in West Africa. While Streetwear catches on with young people, Luxury brands bring more revenues from China. Read more...

Chinese Consumers Like Luxury Fashion Brands and Vice Versa

China government has allowed more than 60 foreign luxury brands to enter the Chinese market since the year 2018.

Chinese tend to buy luxury goods while they travel outside their countries. Moreover, these luxury brands know how to engage with their Chinese customers on social media websites such as WeChat and Weibo.

Chinese Consumers and Luxury Brands

Luxury brands are dependent on Chinese consumers because most of their revenue comes from Chinese consumers, as evident from the newly released report by Deutsche Bank.

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Neal Heard Is The New Creative Director At Meyba

Neal Heard has been selected as the new creative director for the relaunch of Meyba, an old Spanish Sports brand. Meyba made kits for the Barcelona football team from 1982-1992.

Neal Heard is the creative director at Meyba

The new role of Neal demands his creative freedom to design crossover of fashion and football; The designs that fit the brands and “the moment”. Meyba wants to target younger and edgier streetwear kind of customer.

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Streetwear has become a new way of expression

Streetwear is more than just clothing. In Africa, the youth population have soared and streetwear has become a way for them to speak their mind and be heard in their communities and worldwide.

Streetwear becomes medium of expression

Streetwear has been adopted by young people because it allows them to combine the hip hop and skate culture with their local style to communicate their own realities.

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