Fashionflyer on 29th October 2020

Fashion Flyer On Fashion Photography, Fashion Designing Career, And Future Of Fashion

Explore your passion for fashion photography and adapt to the change in the behavior of fashion consumers of today. Know more about the skills that you will need to remain relevant as a modern fashion designer amid this new world of studies going virtual and online. Look forward and learn from brands that have an eye towards empathy, support, and charity towards modern digital consumers.

Amid this ongoing crisis and chaos, when fashion brands are closing, digital magazines are folded or moving completely towards digitization, Fashion Literacy selected an article published by the New York Times.

In the article, by Lou Stoppard, you will find the history of photography in fashion. The author provides textual glimpses of the legendary fashion photographers in the 1930’s and 1940’s such as Louise Dahl-Wolfe and photographers of today such as Collier Schorr.

Consumer behavior towards fashion has seen a drastic shift from looking at the artistic value of a picture representing emotions such as freedom, fantasy, desire, etc to that of watching 10-15 seconds of Tiktok performances.

Read this article for more on finding the answers to the question posed by the author - Can Fashion Photography Survive the Pandemic?

What it needs to be a modern fashion designer?

In these recent years, the increased use and advances of technologies, software, data analytics have changed the fashion design paradigm.

If you want to be the next-gen fashion designer then you need to have the ability to envision, drawing skills, sewing skills, and knowledge of embroidery along with the understanding of consuming online teaching methods and courses provided by various institutes. To know more about the career prospects of a new age and modern fashion design read Skills required for a fashion designer to sustain in modern fashion Industry

Future of fashion industry - What fashion brands need to focus on?

It has been very tough for fashion brands to align with the new expectations of consumers, who are looking back at their core values and investing in those brands or local boutiques that have an inclination towards charity and support to consumers.

Find more on such insights from Madame Premier and others in an article The future of fashion: How COVID-19 is changing the industry

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