Fashionflyer on 01st November 2020

Rising South Korean Fashion Brands, Post COVID Life, and Young Designers

It seems that for all of us new ideas, innovation, and creativity are the formula for success in post covid scenario as evident from the gradual rise of popular South Korean brands, post covied trends, and the communities of young designers.

South Korean Fashion Brands Making HeadWay Into London

South Korean brands are getting popular all over the world for their newness, unique styles, premium fabrics, and cool aesthetics.

South Korean Fashion brands

Over the last few years, brands such as JUUN.J, ADER error, and WE11DONE have increased their following and can be seen in the list of up-coming stores of London.

What are the reasons for these brands to become faviorites of younger generation? Find out in London Has Fallen In Love With South Korean Fashion, written by Eric Brain.

Post COVID Fashion Trends

After getting seriously impacted due to this pandemic, some fashion brands have completely shutdown their stores and shops. Some have adopted new methods of reaching to their customers.

Post covid fashion trends

Among the ones, who have adapted to COVID sitation many have accepted this “new normal”. Experts in the industry have are innovating new, cost-effective, and sustainable ways to move forward.

To know about impact on paticipation in Fashion Weeks, virtual runways, and existing schedule read and amazing short article ; What Will Fashion Look Like After COVID? by Alexa Rae R.

Young Designers Need To Join Local Communities

What is the way forward for young designers, who are freshly out of college or are trying to find space to represent their creativity, new ideas, and talent?

young designers to join local communities

Bigger names have the momentum and reputation however new and less experienced designers have only new ideas and creativity.

To know what it means to have creativity, especially during the time when Buyers and mechants are not so keen on investing in new talent read this article by Martino Carrera.

Young Designers Should ‘Build a Community, Act Locally,’ ITS Jurors Say.

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