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Top Instagram brands to follow in 2021

Have you ever wanted to setup your business through instagram? These days most of celebrities are quite active on the platform, which is an apostle of opportunity, freedom, and unstoppable expression.

Instagram has given voice to lot of us and there can be no other better moment to take your first steps.

Instagram brands to follow in 2021

Moveover, for many the presence of a social media platform such as instagram is the also the first step towards their digital transformation.

Some of the famous fashion brands that have already gained popularity recently, and are the ones to look for in year 2021 are:

  1. House of CB - It was started by Conna Walker. House of CB is famous for the structured look of their piecces. Their Ellery Dress is my personal favorite.

  2. Rat & Boa - This brand is famous for their glamourous and edgy style. Look their bold prints and eclectic style in The Athena Dress It was founded by Valentina Muntoni and Stephanie Cara Bennet.

  3. Verge Girl - They emanate sense of freedom, confidence, and wish of living by their own rules. Verge Girls founders Daniella and Natalia Dionyssiou express their feelings through The full hearts mini dress

  4. Mura Boutique - You will find happiness, positivity, and natural beauty in this brand founded by Asako Nakamura. Have a look at their Sharona Dress to get the glimpse of easy style.

  5. Peppermayo - Nowhere lesser than others is The lavender days crop top and skirt from Peppermayo. You may as well sense their ability to bring a cool-girl to life.

We know that these are only a few to start with but are enough to kindle an inspiration. There are more brands such as Charcoal Cloting, Frankie Phoenix, and Her Empire Boutique.

Read more on these inspiring brands from the post by Bianca

Phygital version of Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week SS21

Due to situations posed by the ongoing pandemic, Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week SS21 too its Phygital avatar this year.

There is nothing that can challenge the indomitable spirit of Fashion world wide. Fashion industry has gone stronger amid COVID-19 out and are in the open for the people they serve.

This years Lotus Make-up Fashion week was conducted between 14th and 18th October 2020. There were around 40 designers, who showcased their collections at this unforgettable event.

Some of the eye catching collections were from designers such as Samanth Chauhan, Siddhartha Tytler, Tarun Tahulani, and Payal Jain.

Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week SS21

Check out some of the amazing collections as reported by The Fashion Orientalist

Does Fast Fashion cause Environmental Poverty?

Fast fashion refers to the brands who work in favor of affordable current styles and produce clothing, footwear, and accessories for the masses to buy from retail stores.

Mass production has always remained in limelight for harming our environment becuase of their contribution to pollution, water wastage, and impact on our food supply chain.

FashionLitercy brings an article that reminds us of the importance of bringing changes and amendments to our fast fashion habits via an article by Grace Ganz.

Please read How Fast Fashion Causes Environmental Poverty.

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