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New F Series Investment By Flipkart, Wearable Fashion Is A New Canvas and Interview With Amiraah's Founder Pooja Gupta

Flipkart is leading as e-commerce brand with their new F series investment in USPL. Wearable Art is in Fashion and what Pooja Gupta has to share about their Kanpur based brand; Amiraah

Flipkart as e-commerce leader

Flipkart has further strengthened itself as leading e-commerce marketplace by making investment in USPL (Universal Sports Private Ltd). This investment is part of Series F round, in which an existing investor, Accel Partners, also participated.

USPL has brands that are backed by celebrity endorsements and are quite popular among fashion-driven younger Indian customers. Moreover, USPL products have their presence in 750 offline retail stores across 100 cities, with the company recording 40-50% yearly profits.

Now that looks like a great opportunity for Flipkart to consolidate their market leadership among homegrown brands serving to the youth of India.

Read more details at Flipkart makes strategic investment in fashion brand Universal Sportsbiz - The Economic Times

Wearable Art in Fashion

Wearable Art originated in 60’s and 70’s. However, it is poised to comeback to the human bodies from the walls of museums. Have a look at the plans of Robert Graham, a New York based men’s fashion brand. They have released their collection of fall/winter 2021.

Look at a painted jacket and pair of Dickie’s from the label Rhee.

A Korea based classically-trained painter has a unique practice of using clothing as her canvas. She works with a seamtress to ensure that her paintings are removable and can be interchanged.

These initiatives are more inclined towards craftsmanship and might not be apt for fashion fashion trends.

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Interview with Amiraah Founder Pooja Gupta

Amiraah, a multi-designer store brands, has been playing pivotal role in reviving homespun craftmanship. They curate haute selections of some famous names in fashion industry. Founder Pooja Gupta discusses about the background and the reasons of raising Amiraah along with the details on her clients.

In a chat with Fibre2Fashion , Pooja Gupta , founder of Amiraah discusses about the background of her store, why she chose Kanpur for her venture and the kind of clientele the store handles. Our fashion repertoire proudly features brands and fashion designers that are whole-heartedly dedicated to preserving the beauty and artisanship of domestic Indian textile arts.

Amiraah is dedicated to supporting domestic Indian textile arts. They have populated their store with hand-printed blocks, antique doors showcasing vignettes of Shreenath jee, retro mirror with wooden shoe moulds, and vintage brass door knobs.

Additionaly, Pooja Gupta also discusses the reason of choosing Kanpur and how she onboards a designer with the purview of sensibility and sustainability.

Read about this interview in detail at Amiraah Founder Pooja Gupta

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