Fashionflyer on 31st October 2020

Future of online retail and the meaning of fast fashion

Be among the first to adopt new technologies to enhance customer engagement and learn the real meaning of fast fashion.

Technologies for lasting relationship between brands and customers

As a brand, if you are wondering how to make use of technology to build long lasting relationship with customers then look no further and explore following options:-

Technologies for personal relationships with customers

  1. Go digital first
  2. Collect your own data
  3. Make use of Voice, immersive AI and Machine Learning based solutions

These three points will help in building stronger online retail marketing as it was done by brands such as Babylon Health, and others.

Read this article Can technology make relationships with brands feel personal? by Town Downing.

Fast Fashion and its real meaning

For long, we have misunderstood Fast Fashion. What does it really mean? In some ways fast fashion is good for all but it also brings some negatives along with it.

Fast Fashion and its mearning

Katherine Saxon debunks the misunderstood definition of fast fashion and voices her opinion by stating details on stealing and copyright issues, reckless pollution and waste, modern slavery, throw away culture,and some examples of Fast fashion brands.

Have a look at This Is What Fast Fashion Really Means (Definition, Problems, Examples)

Virtual clothing try on by Zyler

In continuation with our three point strategy to build more personal brands with the help of technology, we recommend exploring the option of bringing virtual try on options to your online retail stores.

Virtual try on by Zyler

Aileen Yu interviews the CEO of Zyler and brings more details on Anthropics Technology, inspiration behind Zyler, and the ways Zyler aims to make online shopping more engaging and fun for retails customers.

Read the CEO interview: Zyler, virtual clothing try-on

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