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Grazia Has Masaba Gupta As Its New Cover Girl

UK's Purple Dot raises more funds. Masaba Gupta has become the new face of Grazia. This multi talented individual is everyone's favourite. Supreme has been acquired by VF Corporation. While fashion industry struggles with the woes of fast-fashion, Tunisian designers embrace tradition and sustainablity

Purple Dot raises €1.49 million.

Purple Dot has raised €1.49 million. Fashion industry is going to get disrupted with this new payment option called ‘worth-the-wait’. This new payment option is going to sit at par with ‘buy now, pay later’ finance options.

Purple Dot raises funds

The idea of Purple Dot came from childhood experiences of Madelline Para, the company’s founder. When out shopping, Madeline’s grandmother would often ask the store-clerk to ring her if she found an item she liked that was currently too expensive – the clerk would take down her name in the sales waitlist book.

In Purple Dot payment method, customers pay upfront, and then wait to have the item confirmed, receiving a full refund if not.

To know more about the Purple Dot method and about the ways it will fight against unsustainable and unrelenting consumerism, poor pricing tactics, and profit-crunching sales at the same time read the article London-based Purple Dot raises €1.49 million to disrupt the fashion industry with a new fintech approach

VF Corporation acquires Supreme for 2 bn dollars

Despite huge retail slump, fashion brands are not moving away from high-stake deals. LMVH is going forward with its aquisition of Tinffany & Co. Alibaba and Richemont recently went ahead investing millions in Farfetch and Farfetch China to create a global conglomerate.

VF Corporation acquires Supreme for 2 Bn dollars

Supreme, the large skateboarding company based in New York was acquired by VF Corporation. VF Corporation owns Vans, The North Face, and Timberland - all frequent Supreme collaborators.

This news spread like a fire in the fashion industry. Supreme is known for its uncompromising attitude towards aesthetics, products, and customers.

There is a lot we can learn from the article by Vogue. Read more to know about the ongoing success of Supreme and what does it mean for the Fashion industry in What Supreme’s $2.1 Billion Sale Means for Fashion

Designers of Tunisia embrace traditions and ethics

Tunisian designers like Mechri have found solace in going back to their roots, embracing local artisans and environmentally concious materials. It is quite a trend to watch in this globalized world dominate by fast fashion brands such as H&M, Topshop, and Zara.

VF Corporation acquires Supreme for 2 Bn dollars

Mechri sources from Ismail, who works with North African nation’s age old textile-making traditions. Ismail has been spinning wool and cotton, sourced locally, as well as silk thread imported from China, for the last 47 years.

Businesses that strike a balance between ethical industrial practices and community-driven craftmanship offer Tunisia “a hope of a better tomorrow.”

Read more about the story of the wheel of Mohamed Ismail in the labyrinth of Mahid’s old medina in Eco-fashion offers a renaissance for new Tunisian brands

Grazia has Masaba Gupta as its new cover girl

We all knew Masaba Gupta as famous fashion designer since her debut show “Masaba Masaba” on Netflix. It was already surprizing to see this fashion designer becoming an actor.

VF Corporation acquires Supreme for 2 Bn dollars

Now this actor cum fashion designer is gracing the cover of of November issue of ‘Grazia India’. Masaba looks quite resplendent on the cover. She also owns a label ‘House of Masaba’ and has become every celebrity’s favourite.

Please read more about her in Masaba Gupta Turns Cover Girl for Grazia

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