Fashionflyer on 28th October 2020

India and the changing fashion trends and system

FashionLiteracy witnessed many changes in India's Fashion industry. Fashion chooses to continue and keep the show on. The new fashion system displays examples of innovation and creativity

An Indian actor, Evelyn Sharma, who also is a proponent of reusable/upcycled fashion represented India at Circular Fashion Summit. This summit was constructed in virtual reality.

Leaders and stakeholders from London, Shanghai, Paris, Milan, and NewYork gathered together to decide on the future course of Fashion world.

Evelyn Sharma face of a new fashion system

For Evelyn this was an opportunity to learn more about collective action on issues of innovation, greater sustainablity, social diversity, and digitization in the fashion industry.

The goal of CFS is to initiate measurable action to sustain the UN Sustainable Development Goals of 2030 as mentioned by Gossipganj Reporter in their article

Vogue on the use of Term ‘Urban’ in Fashion

Since long brands in Fashion have been drawing heaving from our society and culture. When it comes to use of terms, they often get misused and this wrong use of term might prove detrimental to the reputation of a brand.

Use of term Urban in Fashion industry

One such term, ‘Urban’, is in traction because of ‘Black’ movement worlwide. Why Vogue feels that this term is often misunderstood ? Find out in the story

Fashion’s Use Of The Term ‘Urban’ Is Problematic, Here’s Why We Should Ditch It.

Fashion Weeks In This Week

Seoul Fashion Week 2020 was conducted from Tuesday, Oct. 20 to Sunday, Oct. 25. This fashion week too was held virtually and it featured 45 designers. Out of these 35 designers were verterans to the show and 10 were from the Generation Next.

Seoul Fashion Week 2020

While CFS(Circular Fashion Summit) and Vogue contribute to the goals of UN, Seoul street style shuns trends by bringing out their world-renowned intense creativity, innovation, and vision in their Fashion Show to reduce social inequality. Read Seoul Fashion Week stuns on, off the runway .

Overall, fashion industry is going green by transforming from runways to digital and virtual world, which marks the beginning of new normal.

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