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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Rights on Digital Designs, and Trends in Sustainable Fashion

With digital fashion platforms cropping up and becoming a success, we explore issues of ownership rights over digital data amid the new trend of digital fashion being the most sustainable and green fashion experience till now

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2020

The World witnessed Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week from 19th October to 23rd October. These remote physical shows were aligned with video presentations from Russia, the UK, Peru, Argentina, and the USA with a digital schedule which was live-streamed over 87 platforms, encompassing both regular media and social media, in 14 countries , including Be Global Fashion Network.

This fashion week generated more than 2400 minutes of live streams. You could have a look at behind-the-scenes and lifting of veil streams of the organizing process. Everyone from key Russian experts to TikTok creators to social media influencers was present and participated in this one of a kind fashion show.

Around 74 designers from different countries presented their collection at this Fashion Week. Records of these streams are still present in VK, the major social media network of Russia and CIS nations.

For a more detailed account, have a look at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia: Intercity experiment and TikTok reality show by BGFN magazine.

Who owns the digital rights over the designs?

In this new culture of collaboration, stakeholders have started making digital versions of their designs and it requires more number of inputs to make digital versions of a garment so that it can be successfully be presented to the new and generation next consumers online.

However, this raises concerns over the sharing of IP writes and ownership issues over the created designs. It is still a grey area and up for the community to discuss. It definitely requires stepping up and bringing reformation in existing policies and contracts between software designers, garment designers, and other stakeholders.

Brooke Roberts brings her experience in digital fashion in her article

Digital Fashion: Who Really Owns The IP Rights?

The understanding of sustainable fashion in changing; It is moving away from the traditional neutral hues and classic styles to the designs that are more colorful and bright.

Designers all around the globe are innovating in ways which can lift up the mood of more ecological and responsible consumers, especially in the times of lockdowns and pandemic.

Some of sustainable keywords for the next years are diversity, inclusivity, second-hand wear, and environmental justice to produce responsible designs and garments.

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