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Supernova, a brand of Federico, will become the new fashion statement in 2021

Can you think of exchanging your old clothes for the new ones? Federico is working towards bringing this new concept in the fashion industry. While tech and sustainability are merging in Amsterdam, 3D fashion design software face resistance in fashion industry.

Federico Bellezza’s Supernova will become the new fashion statement

A new concept of garment exchange will become the new fashion statement of 2021. Supernova, the brand being built by Federico will be the first fashion label to introduce this concept in clothing line.

Federico Bellezza holds a degree in international economy and politics. He thinks that this new concept will be beneficial for both buyers and sellers. Fashion industry is an ever chaning industry with new trends and this concept might become a hit amid more sustainable efforts post pandemic times.

Federico got this idea from automobile exchange… There are some more details at Federico Bellezza’s brand Supernova will be the new fashion statement of 2021

Tech and Sustainability Merges in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s foreign investment agency manager, Marike Geertsma, says that they are helping fashion to reimagine its business models. Fashion startups are getting a real push to experiment in both technology and sustainability in the areas of 3D digital design, biodesigned textiles and new manufacturing techniques.

One such example of new age Fashion company is The Fabricant, a startup fundeded by Kerry Murphy, who has background in films and is also a traditionally trained fashion designer.

The Fabricant operates at the intersection of fashion and technology, creating unpredictable possibilities for fashion companies.

Read more about the story at Amsterdam innovation spotlight: Merging tech with sustainability

Slow Adoption of 3D Fashion Software in Fashion Industry

Adoption of 3D fashion design software faces some resistance from beginners and the ones who have not been exploring the benefits that it has to offer. Let us explore some reasons that 3D fashion design software is facing slow adoption in fashion industry.

Some of the fears responsible for this slow adoption are :-

  • Fear around scalability like how much time it would take to onboard and other related concerns
  • Fear of starting with a new technology
  • Fear of change as it might require changes in existing processes
  • Fear of loss of Job

Well, read the article Why Apparel Designers Need to Conquer their Fear of 3D to know that these fears are not real and there are host of other benefits that 3D Fashion Design software can bring to a business in fashion industry.

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