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The New Sustainable Fashion Line By Prince Charles

Prince Charles launches sustainable fashion line with a viewpoint to pass it to generations. VR and AR can help brands get a competitive advantage when almost 2 out of 3 Millenials are shopping online. The new CEO at Arvind Fashions Ltd is hopeful for more business in the coming time.

The New Sustainable Fashion Line by Prince Charles

Prince Charles’s luxury-yet-sustainable line comprises an 18-piece capsule collection – 10 pieces of womenswear and eight pieces of menswear –created through a partnership between the prince’s foundation, the royal charity, and the fashion retailer.

The designs have da Vinci’s inspirations and can be seen in details such as knots, and his draping techniques are recognized in pleats, folds, and bows. The menswear collection features pieces such as a camel-colored coat, a white turtleneck, and a deep red knit cardigan. The womenswear collection features fitted suits, a burnt orange blouse with a pussy bow, and a navy blue dress with a cinched waist.

This collection was designed in Italy by students from Politecnico di Milano’s Fashion in Process school and crafted in the UK, and has been designed to be “passed down through generations”.

Each item of clothing was made using natural and organic material where possible. For example, cashmere and wool made in Scotland and organic eco silk sourced in Italy. Charles says that ‘the key for me is to rediscover the importance that nature plays, understand where natural materials come from and how they can be used in exciting and innovative ways’

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VR and AR provide the next level of creativity in the fashion industry

iDesigniBuy’s apparel design software is one of those advanced tools that help brands in surviving the competitions. It is a customization software that allows your customers to customize their unique attire online.

Digital fashion has a bright future as customers’ real lives become increasingly intertwined with the digital world. For organizations, from the latest artificial intelligence to the booming of mobile commerce, there is a lot to adopt.

The bots can analyze data, forecast trends, boost sales, offer inventory-related guidance, and more. Additionally, if AI’s powerful data prediction tools are combined with inventory tracking, the brands can get a significant competitive advantage.

VR and AR provide the next level of creativity in the fashion industry. The online shopping experience, provided by any brand, has the potential to retain and engage customers and would be a great initiative to combine the physical and online worlds of retail.

Moreover, mobile commerce is one of the fastest-growing sectors in eCommerce. It is found that 2 out of 3 millennials prefer to shop online than in-store. Insider intelligence forecasts that m-commerce will reach USD 284 billion by the end of 2020.

Many brands are changing the way they approach and entice customers with the help of technological solutions. iDesigniBuy’s apparel design software can help brands in many ways to support digital and sustainable fashion.

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Shailesh Chaturvedi is the new managing director and CEO of Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and Arrow

Shailesh Chaturvedi, as managing director and CEO of Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and Arrow, has been a pivotal part of the industry for the last 25 years. Recently, Arrow, the American menswear label from Arvind Fashions Ltd, announced the appointment of actor Hrithik Roshan as the brand ambassador.

The new campaign showcases the modern Arrow man of today, Hrithik Roshan, epitomizing a feeling of being ‘On Top of the World’. In the campaign, he is standing on top of a tall new york skyscraper on a beam.

Shailesh says, “our ad campaign also includes brand videos of Hrithik expressing emotions about the brand Arrow. we believe that our consumer will also feel on top of the world with Arrow, with the unique premium elegance crafted in each of our garments”.

In an interview, the CEO also adds that from 1st September, most shops have opened and business has already crossed a 60% level of last year. They expect good winter wear business after Diwali as well, and also believe that business would become normal by Spring-Summer 2021 season.

In pandemic times, Sailesh thinks that the balance between Manage and Solve should tilt towards Solve. don’t delay what’s needed and face reality and as Jack Welch said, ‘change before you have to’.

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