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Vietnamese Culture Inspires Designers, Famous Asian Designers, and Singapore Stories 2020

Vietnamese traditional culture inspires contemporary designers. Follow inspiring Asian fashion designers. Singapore Stories 2020 has culminated with an interesting winner Carol Chen.

Traditional Vietnamese Culture Inspires Modern Fashion Designers

Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City witnessed “Mong Binh Thuong” (Simple Dream) exhibintion. A quite famous designer, Thuy Nguyen, showcased 60 works that comprised of silk, brocade, and folk tale patterns.

Nguyen believes that Vietnamese culture is attractive and diverse for designers like him to tell stories basing their designs on it. Last year, She tool Vietnamese culture to the world stage on runways in Paris and New York.

Other Vietnamese fashion designers too have been taking inspirations from their culture and presenting them to domestic and international audiences.

Traditional Vietnamese Culture Inspires Modern Fashion Designers

A designer Nguyen Duc Hien even showcased costumes used in “hau dong”, a traditional practice in the worship of Mother Goddesses. Designs show case such designs not only to attract audiences but also to help citizens remember their culture better and for long.

There are many more examples of use of symbols from the civilization such as rice, hemp fabric, and cotton to make couture and ready-to-wear collections.

Culture expert Pham Vu Tung also appreciates young designers choosing tranditional and cultural stories for their new collections.

Read more about such exquisite shows at Traditional Vietnamese culture endless inspiration for modern fashion

Inspiring Asian Fashion Designers

We tend to find inspiring individuals around us and follow them in order to live meaningfully. Some great and talented individuals are the likes of Margot Robbie and Amal Clooney.

Many of us might have already heard about Jason Wu, who was a finalist in the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund in 2008. Currently, he is the Director of Hugo Boss womens’ ready to wear and accessories.

Inspiring Asian Fashion Designers

He also is growing his epononymous brand. Jason has also been praised by none other than Michelle Obama for his impeccable attention to fit and detail and unique understanding of how women want to dress and feel in their cloting.

Another similar inspiring personality is Gurung, who migrated to America from Nepal, where he says that women in their full feminine glory, in colour and texture, was kind of unnerving for men. He designs pieces that are bold and empowering for modern woman and brings attention to discrimination in society through showcasing them on social media.

There are many such one of their kind examples for all of us to get inspired. Read more about them at 18 Asian Fashion Designers You Need To Know - Squid News

Singapore Stories 2020 has Carol Chen as Winner

Singpore Stories virtual finale is over and the winner of the event is Carol Chen. Chen’s mentor Bettina von Schlippe says that Carol is a great example that passion and clear vision can lead one towards success.

Vogue has brought this interview with the Winner to find details on her next show at Paris Fashion Week. She has a lot to say about the love that she has for the Country. Chen designs for women and wants them to feel like they can take on the world and do anything they put her mind to.

In her collection at Singapore Stories 2020, Chen wanted to tell a story of a magical country that won over her with its contemporary architecture, beautiful gardens and emphasis on sustainability. She wanted to glorify this world-class city as the city of future.

She has a lot more to day. Please read about this heart warming interview at Homegrown label Carol Chen wins Singapore Stories 2020

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