We are turning into fashion slaves

Debate on mass fashion culture

We are turning into fashion slaves

How often we discuss these opposing ideas on fashion and culture? This also may become a topic of discussion in GD/PI stage of selection process of any Fashion college.

Points in favor of the topic

  1. We want to remain up to date with the latest trends
  2. We easily get influenced by the magazine and ramp shows
  3. We feel what looks good on models will look good on us
  4. We put all our faith in fashion dictators
  5. We like to own the styles worn by celebrities to feel as important
  6. We follow trends to flaunt in our social circle
  7. Fashion changes really fast and we get the opportunity to revive our wardrobe
  8. We like to be a part of fashion history
  9. By refusing to follow fashion we run into the chance of being awkwardly standing out

Points in against of the topic

  1. We are individualistic and like to have our own recognizable style
  2. We have different taste and cannot follow the same trend
  3. Fashion is usually impractical and uncomfortable
  4. We have different appearance and body and the same style don’t look good on everyone
  5. Fashion is expensive to follow as it changes quickly
  6. We can’t compromise with quality for fashion
  7. Most of us like to stick with classics like blue jeans and polo Ts.
  8. Following fashion trends does not guarantee approval and appreciation
  9. We can’t wear what we like to when we like to if we stick to the latest trends

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