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Writing is a great way to share your thoughts with the world. It also helps in establishing yourself as a subject matter expert in your field. We too encourage writers to submit their ideas and write content for us. Due to the high number of requests for writing, we decided to put a Write for Us page

You can start sending your guest posts based on the below mentioned guidelines. We too are actively seeking self motivated individuals who want to share their thoughts with the readers in Fashion.

The Topics

We encourage writers to write on the below mentioned categories : -

  1. Fashion Entrance Exams
  2. Fashion Reviews
  3. Fashion Technology
  4. Fashion Current Events
  5. Lifestyle

The writers are not limited to the above categories and can submit their own ideas too. Please submit your ideas using our Idea submission form below.

The Benefits

  1. Exposure - Our website is quickly gaining traction among fashion folks. We have thousands of daily readers. All guest posts get immediate and excellent exposure.

  2. SEO Indexing - Our articles get indexed on web within few hours.
  3. Social Media Exposure - All articles by us are immediately distributed to all social media channels and to our mailing lists. All authors get immediate exposure through these too.
  4. Payments - We also pay for your articles. All professional writers are invited to write for us. Contact us at for the payment terms.